James The Padré Regehr
A Big Friendly Guy With A Big Friendly Service Dog

To confirm that we are a legitimate charity is to go directly to the

Canada Revenue Agency
- Click "English"
- Click on the "Charities & Giving" tab right under the Maple Leaf
- Scroll down to "Charities Search" on the left hand side of the page
- Enter the name: "The Ark" ..... You will get about 197 results listed alphabetically
- Scroll down to the "T's" for THE ARK - Yorkton
..... That will bring you to this page ...

The Ark

Right under the charity name, click on "Charities Detail Page" and you will come to this page

"Charity's Detail Page"


Sanction: N/A

Under the name of the charity, you will find the following information:

Business/Registration Number: 874310097RR0001
Charity Status:Registered
Effective Date Of Status:1998-01-13

Canada Revenue Agency Registration:


Charity Registration #

BN 874310097 RR 0001

Mailing Address: 

c/o  James, The Padre, Regehr

216, Seventh Avenue North

Yorkton, Saskatchewan

S3N 3Z2

Click To Hear The Rock's Announcement

Click To Hear The Rock's Announcement